I wrote 2 songs for tonight’s episode of Defiance. The first of which is part of a season wide trend to include street musicians playing somewhere off camera to give the scene a more bustling feel. The first of these cues can be found in episode 302 when the Need Want is being used as a sort of market place. Amanda goes in to ask a Castithan gentleman about the Omec and in the background, a miscellaneously ethnic soloist is banding about his best metal licks. Metal is afterall…just classically twinged miscellaneously ethnic folk music played extremely loud.

That sounded something like this:

That was achieved by mixing up a middle eastern take on an erhu, a Saz, and a Cuattro together...

So for tonight’s episode I kept it a tad bit simpler and played the best miscellaneously ethnic solo I could on what appears to me, to be a sort of miniature acoustic guitar/lute thing. It looks like this:

Its tuned to an open E7 (E-B-D) but the frets only play major scales…so all you have to do to sound like a badass lute-type-thing player is pedal on the open two bottom strings…and flail away on the top string. Easy squeezy! It sounds something like this:

The next song featured on tonight’s episode is called “The Perfect Moment”, and it takes place during a very touching scene between two characters who haven’t always seen eye to eye. One of these characters is Alak Tarr who has always had the best intentions for the most part, but the worst of luck. So I wrote the lyrics based on what I perceive as being Alak’s sort of tragic struggle…essentially always waiting and wanting for something, but the perfect moment never seems to arrive in which he gets what he wants, at least in the way he wishes it would. A familiar circumstance for most all of us I imagine.

Here’s an excerpt:

I wanted the song to have a familiar almost 90s vibe (90s seems to be a touchstone between myself and the show runner Kevin Murphy – to great effect) so I stuck with grungy sounding electric guitars, but put an emotional and synth-ish sheen over the top of it…giving it a familiar Defiance feel. Smashing Pumpkin's 1979 was my biggest inspiration for the song. Singing the tune is my good friend and frequent collaborator Andrew Figueroa Chiang whose soulful and wistful vocals I thought would fit nicely here. His own band - The Blazing Rays of the Sun - infuse atmospheric rock with an almost D'angelo soul twist that's hard to believe. 

So that's episode 306! I will be retroactively writing about this season so check back again soon! Thanks for reading and keep watching Defiance!